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Science and the Environment

Cool Temperatures Expected in the Ozarks this Week


It’s going to feel more like spring or fall than summer for the next four days or so.  Jay Colluci, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Springfield, says a cold front moving through this afternoon and evening is expected to bring some thunderstorms with it as well as cooler temperatures.

"We're not forecasting severe weather.  But this is the leading edge of a very very large Canadian air mass that's going to be plunging down between the High Plains and the Appalachians.  It's going to cover a good part of the country and probably make it down almost to the Gulf Coast," he said.

Temperatures overnight will drop to the 50's with daytime highs of around 75 through Thursday—that’s 10 to 15 degrees below the normal high for this time of year.  By Saturday, temperatures will be back up around 83. 
According to the National Weather Service, it may be early next week before temperatures return to normal.