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Science and the Environment

CU Ready for EPA Rules on Carbon Emissions

Activ Solar; Flickr

Randy Hoops talks with City Utilities' associate general manager for electric supply, Steve Stodden and Cara Shaefer, CU's director of energy management and conservation, about how the company will deal with the EPA's proposed rules limiting carbon emissions and other pollutants from the nation's power plants.

Stodden says CU has positioned itself well for the rules.  He points to the 300 megawatt JTech II project, 50 megawatts of  hydro capacity from Southwest Power Administration, three megawatts from the Noble Hill Landfill Renewable Energy Center, 50 megawatts from the Smoky Hill Wind Farm and five megawatts at the new CU Solar Farm.  He says CU has long been fuel flexible.