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New Morgue Opens in Greene County

Greene County has opened its new morgue. (Photo credit: Greene County Medical Examiner's Office)

A new morgue has opened in Greene County. After years of planning and construction, the morgue located on North Campbell is complete. Chief Investigator Tom Van De Berg said the facility will benefit the area by allowing autopsies to be done more efficiently and conveniently.
"For the last two years, any case that law enforcement needed to observe; they had to get up and leave at 4 am so they could get to Columbia so they could be there for the autopsy."
He says the new morgue will also help family members know where the remains of their loved ones are at all times.
"If the family wants to come in and talk to somebody, there is one location. They can come to the medical examiner's office [and] talk to the staff directly. There is no in-between person where the information could get distorted."
He says the large work space in the new morgue is important.
"Crowding has always been an issue in the very small space we used before where people are always stepping around each other. It's just much better to be able to have everybody in their own space where you're not bumping into each other during a case."
The morgue contains a cooler with a capacity of 30 bodies. The county plans to double the capacity of that cooler when the budget allows. There will also be seperate coolers for special cases, like burn victims.