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Science and the Environment

Expect to Stay Bundled up For the Next Several Days

Credit: John Benson via Creative Commons/Flickr

It’s the time of year when the term “blustery” becomes a part of daily weather conversations. And it’s likely to continue for our region over the next couple of weeks.  

According to Jason Schaumann, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Springfield, air masses sweeping down from northern Canada will leave us stuck in a cold and windy pattern.  

“Our models now are showing us that for the next couple of weeks we’re generally going to see below normal temperatures again with a cold front coming through every couple of days,” Schaumann says.

Schaumann notes these air masses will push all the way to the Gulf Coast. But unlike two weeks ago when poor road conditions forced numerous school cancellations, he’s not expecting snow and ice this time around. 

“That’s an absolutely critical point for two reasons. A, obviously, there’s significant difficulties with travel when it comes to the snow and ice. But another thing we look for is when we have snow on the ground with an arctic air mass coming down; it makes the odds much greater of getting below zero or well below zero for those air temperatures.”

Nonetheless, wind chills this week will at times reach below zero. Shauman adds that anywhere from late fall through the spring tends to be the windiest time of year in the Missouri Ozarks.