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Lost a Pet in Springfield? New Website Might Be Your First Stop


Springfield pet owners can now rest easier if their pets go missing. That’s because Springfield Animal Control has a new, online reporting system for tracking lost and found pets. KSMU’s Julie Greene has more.

Here’s how the new tracking system works: pet owners can go online, fill out some information and attach pictures of their lost pets. If the Animal Control staff believes they have a match, the office will contact the person who filed the online report.  

Karen Prescott, the environmental health administrator who helps run Animal Control, says the new tracking system will be easier and, hopefully, more efficient.

“Our goal is to increase our return-to-owner rate. Right now, we typically have about a 20-24% return-to-owner rate on our dogs, and I would really like to get that up to around 50%,” Prescott said.

Springfield Animal Control receives daily phone calls about lost and found pets, but the office is unable to match pets over the phone.

“So many of the dogs that we pick up have no identification, no microchip, no collar, nothing to help us trace it back to the owner,” Prescott said.

For now, the online program is staffed by a small group of volunteers, but more volunteers are needed. If you are interested in volunteering or learning more about the new tracking system, contact Springfield Animal Control at 833-3592.

For KSMU News, I’m Julie Greene.


To report a lost or found pet, go to and click on the “Online Lost & Found Form” on the left-hand side. If you don’t have access to a computer, you can call the Animal Control office, where staff members can walk you through reporting that information by phone.