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Free Flu Shots for Uninsured Greene County Adults

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With the flu season almost here, many people in the Ozarks are considering when and where to get their flu shots. One long-standing organization is doing what it can to help lessen the effects of the seasonal flu in Greene County for those who don't have health insurance. KSMU’s Shane Franklin has the story.

The Springfield Flu Immunization Coalition is offering free flue shots to uninsured adults who live in Greene County, starting later this month.  The coalition is a group of several agencies and organizations throughout the area who work toward the goal of better public health.

Mike Brothers is a spokesman for the Springfield-Greene County Health Department. He says there are other avenues for kids and other "at-risk" people to get flu shots...that's why this effort focuses on uninsured adults.

 “We do it so that as many people as possible can get immunized against the seasonal flu every year, because the best way for immunizations to work is for as many people as possible to get immunized. It’s really a strength in numbers kind of thing when talking about protecting against disease.”

Brothers says that although last year was a mild flu season in Greene County, people shouldn’t assume that this season will be the same. He says that there’s no way to know how severe this year will be, so he recommends that people take advantage of the most simple way to safeguard against the flu by getting vaccinated.

The vaccinations protect against the seasonal flu as well as the H1N1 virus, and are offered on a first come, first served basis.

The clinics will be held on October 21st at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, November 1st at Hand-In-Hand Ministries, November 2nd at St. Agnes Elementary School, November 7th at the Salvation Army on Chestnut Expressway, and November 13th at Crosslines.

For the specific times and addresses of these clinics, you can call the flu hotline at 874-1228.

For KSMU News, I’m Shane Franklin.