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Science and the Environment

Current Water Levels at Fellows Lake

According to City Utilities, water levels at Fellows Lake are at 63.7 percent as of today. Usually, the lake levels in late August are at 82 percent. Because lawn irrigation is where residents use up the most amount of water, Springfield City Utilities asks customers to conserve water by participating in an odd-even water system. In that system, residents with even numbered addresses would water their lawns on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Those with odd numbered addresses would water their lawns on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

If conditions haven’t changed by next week and the lake levels fall to 60 percent, City Utilities put its Emergency Water Conservation Plan into effect.

“This isn’t something that’s going to end overnight, “said Alexander.

Joel Alexander with Springfield City Utilities says the Emergency Water Conservation Plan will implement much stricter water usage policies.

“But, if we move into the plan and stage one, if someone is reported to be watering when they are not supposed to we would issue and warning. And the second offense a sterner warning and if there is another offense we do have the option and we do that the authority to terminate water service,” Alexander said.

As of now, volunteer efforts to conserve water have slowed water level decline at Fellows Lake, but City Utilities ask customers to refrain from washing their house or sidewalks with water. For more suggestions on how to conserve water, as well as information on the Emergency Water Conservation Plan, visit our website,

For KSMU News I’m Shannon Bowers