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Science and the Environment

Contaminated Rogersville Site Placed on EPA's Superfund NPL

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the site requires further study and cleanup under the Superfund program.

The Compass Plaza Well TCE site contains contaminated groundwater that has impacted domestic and irrigation wells.  In 2010, following routine public drinking water monitoring by Missouri DNR, trichloroethylene or TCE was detected in the Compass Plaza strip mall drinking water well and at two nearby public wells. 

TCE is used in industrial solvents and degreasers as well as household products like paints and rug cleaners.

The addition of the site to the National Priorities List makes it eligible for federal funds to investigate and address site contamination.  The EPA says the funds also guarantee the public a chance to fully participate in cleanup decisions.

The EPA says it will work to identify companies or people, potentially responsible parties, responsible for contamination at the site and require them to conduct or pay for the cleanup. 

According to the EPA, municipal wells belonging to the City of Rogersville are not contaminated with TCE.