Making Democracy Work

Monday, 9:30 a.m.

The League of Women Voters of Southwest Missouri brings you this weekly program, which covers a variety of topics related to the Ozarks and democracy.

Courtesy of Maile Auterson

This week on Making Democracy Work, host Linda Regan talks with Maile Auterson, co-founder and executive director of Springfield Community Gardens.

Today’s discussion talks about the expansion of the program beginning with one garden in 2010, growing to over 16 gardens around the community.

This week on Making Democracy Work, host Hue-Ping Chin talks with Paul Costigan, refugee coordinator with the Missouri Office of Refugee Administration, and Rebekah Thomas, site manager for International Institute in Southwest Missouri.

Today’s discussion explores the history and mission of the International Institute, as well as challenges and successes related to refugee support in southwest Missouri.

World Refugee Day is this week—June 20th. 

Courtesy of Dr. Tiffany Brunner

This week on Making Democracy Work, host Debbie Good speaks with Dr. Tiffany Brunner, director of Middle College at Ozarks Technical Community College (OTC).

Today’s discussion explores the evolution of this program from 2008 to present day.  The initial goal was to reduce the high level of dropout rates in area high schools.  Today,  the goal has grown to also provide college and career opportunities to a variety of juniors and seniors. 

Courtesy of Tysha Shay-Reference Manager for The Library Station

This week on Making Democracy Work, host Leslie Carrie speaks with Tysha Shay, Reference Manager for The Library Station.  

Today's discussion talks about the Welcome to the Library videos which have been translated in several different languages. These are meant to welcome and inform refugee and immigrant families about services available at the Library. 

Courtesy of Greene County Commission Office

This week on Making Democracy Work, host Lisa Langley speaks with Bob Dixon, presiding Greene County Commissioner. 

Today’s discussion explores his first six months in office beginning his position in January of 2019, and what he is doing to remain in line with his campaign goals.