On Thursday, MSU To Welcome New Football Coach Bobby Petrino to Community

Jan 15, 2020


Plaster Football Stadium on the Missouri State University campus.
Credit Chloe O'Neill / KSMU

Missouri State University's choice of Bobby Petrino as its new head football coach made national headlines Wednesday, due to his high-profile name in the sports world. As KSMU’s Josh Conaway reports, the university plans to welcome Petrino to campus Thursday morning (1/16). 


MSU's athletics department said Wednesday that Petrino has been chosen to replace outgoing coach Dave Steckel, whose record last season was 1-10. 

Petrino has a winning coaching record across his career, with 119 wins and 56 losses.

But the choice was not without controversy;  Petrino was fired from Arkansas in 2012 after reportedly hiring a woman with whom he was having an affair, and he was later let go by Louisville after a losing season there.  

He becomes the 21st football coach for MSU, according to the university.