Summer Camps for Kids Teaches Language, Culture

May 15, 2018

Kelly Schlinder

Acquiring a new language develops an appreciation of other cultures. Even if you never travel to a country that speaks that language or have an occasion to use the language in daily life, you understand more about the people and the way they operate by learning how they communicate.

Kelly Schlinder, coordinator of the Foreign Language Institute and German instructor at Missouri State University, says that the Foreign Language Institute is a partnership between Missouri State University and Baptist Bible College, Drury University, OTC, Evangel and Southwest Baptist University.

Classes can be taken at the FLI for credit and are available in the evenings as well. This makes the classes more accessible to working professionals and students.

This summer, the FLI will be offering language camps for children. Finding enthralling and enriching activities for pre-teens can be difficult during the summer. These summer language and culture camps will not only be educational, but fun, too.

The summer language and culture camps will run through July. Registration deadline is June 8.