Springfield Animal Shelter Worries It Will Run Out Of Space Soon, Appeals To Foster Homes

Apr 13, 2020

Cecil, a male Labrador Retriever mix at the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri, is one of the dogs available to be fostered.
Credit Humane Society of Southwest Missouri / Used with permission

The Humane Society of Southwest Missouri says it’s seen so many new animals show up recently that it’s running out of space.   KSMU’s Jennifer Moore spoke with Karen Foutch, director of development for the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri.  Foutch began by saying the shelter is already using bathrooms and other spaces to house the new animals.

It’s asking the public to consider fostering animals as a temporary solution until the stay-at-home order is lifted and regular adoptions can resume.  You can hear an excerpt from their interview below:

To see the animals available for fostering, you can click here for the shelter's Facebook page.   Its website is www.swh.org