For New College Grads, How's the Job Market?

Dec 14, 2012

Missouri State University President Clif Smart says roughly 50 percent of the school’s graduates have a job lined up before they receive their diploma.

Citing figures compiled by the institution’s Career Center, the President says there’s been more job activity this time around than the last couple of years. The ascent has been rather slow, however.

“I think that’s an indication of what we all know is and that there is some recovery, but that it’s slow recovery and that we may not be quite back to where we were in 2008 before we kind of went in the tank, there,” Smart says.

Most MSU students tend to stay in Missouri following graduation, says Smart, notably those pursuing jobs within the business and education sectors.

“There are other fields where people go anywhere, particularly in areas where there is almost a 100 percent market like computer information services or health care. People have lots of choices. In that situation, it’s an individual preference.”

And if Congress can reach a deal and avoid falling off the so-called fiscal cliff, President Smart believes the recovery will continue, and that employers who are on the fence on whether to expand their business will seek out new employees.

“I think for graduating students, my guess would be that they’re rooting for a solution to this. I know I am,” Smart says.

Missouri State University will graduate approximately 1,200 students in ceremonies Friday afternoon.