Missouri Organizations Urge Trump Administration to Reconsider CPI Poverty Line Change

Jun 25, 2019


In a letter to the White House, the Missouri Bugdet Project and about 40 Missouri organizations urged against hte recent proposal to change the consumer price index to the Chain Consumer Price Index, since it would chage how the poverty level is calculated. The concern is that the proposal will keep low income Missourians including children from getting critical servies like food stamps, free school lunches and healthcare. 


Tracie Gleason, spokeswoman for the Missouri Budget Project said the change may seem technical but the ramafications for Missourians would be greatly felt over time. Gleason said the current system of measuring poverty needs improvements, but not like this. 


"In general the poverty threshold is deemed to be too low already because it doesn't take into account people's actual expenses and the types of expenses that make up the bulk of today's family's budget. And, so, while it needs to be examined, this isn't the way to go about doing it."


The proposal was floated through a public comment period which allowed the public to provide input to the government about this potential change.