Greene County Clerk Outlines Options For Voters Nervous About Mail-In Ballots Arriving On Time

Oct 27, 2020

County clerk Shane Schoeller, who oversees ballot processing in Greene County.

As we approach Election Day, voters who have not yet sent in their mail-in ballots may now be worried their ballots won’t make it back in time to be counted. This is what they can do to esnure their vote is counted.

First, a reminder:  this year, there are three ways Missouri voters can cast their ballots:   absentee, mail-in, or voting in person on Election Day.   Mail-in and absentee ballots are not the same thing.

Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller says voters who received a mail-in ballot and don’t want to risk sending it back this late in the game have two options now:

One option is to take another look at the seven excuses that allow someone to vote absentee—like being out of town on Election Day or being at higher risk for COVID-19 complications. This means anyone ages 65 or older can request an absentee ballot.

Schoeller said if a voter does qualify for one of those excuses, then they can return their mail-in ballot to the courthouse, where it will be “spoiled,” and they will instead be issued an absentee ballot which they can cast in person before Tuesday.

“You can come to the election center or the courthouse," Schoeller said. "The courthouse in 940 North Boonville, the election center is 1126 North Boonville.”

If voters don’t have an excuse to vote absentee, Schoeller says their other option is to vote in person on Election Day.