Greene County Clerk, 7 Others In Quarantine After Possible COVID-19 Exposure

Aug 10, 2020

Credit Springfield-Greene County Health Department

Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller, members of his staff and four volunteers are in quarantine and have been since last Thursday.  That's after they learned they’d been in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.  There are eight people quarantined in all.

Schoeller said the person with the illness was not an election judge and they do not work directly with the public.

“And, per our contact with the Greene County Health Department, which I contacted immediately, they gave us the standard guideline in terms of, you know, exposure, and it had to be anyone who’s been in close contact with this individual for a total of 15 minutes cumulatively over a 24 hour period.”

Despite being quarantined, Schoeller said they’ll be able to certify the results of last Tuesday’s election on Tuesday, August 11, which requires meeting in person.  They've worked with the Springfield-Greene County Health Department to determine how to do it safely.

“You know, of course, clearly, we’ll have masks, gloves, face shields.  There’ll be a temperature check of all participants, and then, clearly, those who are in quarantine will be distanced but together,” he said.  “There’s one individual who is not in quarantine.  They’ll be kept separated from us.”

A person not in quarantine will be given an envelope with all of the signed documents in it, according to Schoeller.  It will be held for 24 hours in a container before being sent to the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office.