Gage Selects 2 Deputy City Managers

Dec 4, 2018

New Springfield City Manager Jason Gage has selected two deputy city managers.

Collin Quigley
Credit City of Springfield

Current Assistant City Manager Collin Quigley will move into one of the deputy city manager roles on Dec. 9, according to a release from the ctiy. Quigley has been working as the assistant city manager of Springfield since 2007.  

Maurice Scott Jones is moving to Springfield from Dubuque, Iowa where he serves as the economic development director for that city. Jones will fill the other deputy city manager role on Jan. 28, 2019.

Maurice Scott Jones
Credit City of Springfield

It’s a change to have two deputy city managers; according to city officials, Gage hopes to more evenly split departmental reports between two deputies. Gage will not be refilling the role of assistant city manager.

He will continue to directly oversee the departments of law, human resources and public information and civic engagement.