Credo Dance Academy Tells Creation Story Through Dance

May 18, 2018

Credo Dance Academy's spring concert, "A Celebration of Creation," is tonight (Friday May 19) at Kickapoo High School Theater.
Credit (Poster design courtesy Credo Dance Academy)

When Ryan Bogart--who, with his wife Ronnie, is one of the directors of Messiah Project's Credo Dance Academy, arrived at KSMU this morning, he knew he had a busy day ahead of him.  Credo Dance Academy will present its 2018 Spring Concert, "A Celebration of Creation”, tonight (Friday May 18) at 7:00pm in the theatre at Kickapoo High School, 3710 S. Jefferson. As Bogart describes it, “We tell the story of Creation—as in Genesis in the Bible—through different dance styles: ballet, pointe, modern,  jazz, tap, tumbling.  So we go from the first day through the sixth day.”  Credo's publicity for the concert promises "beautiful costumes, eclectic music, and creative choreography."

Ryan and wife Ronnie Bogart, as well as another Credo instructor, Colleen Klein, supplied the choreography for the concert.  The dancers are all students of Credo Dance Academy.  "Our motto," says Bogart, "is 'Excellence in Training, Excellence in Character, and Excellence in Spirit.' So we're trying to do more than just teach dance--we're trying to instill good character.  We have creative worship classes that Colleen Klein, our other instructor, teaches, which helps them delve more into how to use their gift of dance to worship."

"This semester," says Ryan Bogart, we added a class of children from three (local) Boys and Girls Club units, that my wife has taught.  So she has 20 students, most of whom have never--I don't think any of them, maybe--have ever danced on stage before in a costume, or had done ballet before.  This is their first performance, their debut performance. So we have them joining us, as well as our regular students that we have throughout the year."

The recorded music accompanying the dancers is indeed "eclectic," says Ryan Bogart. "It ranges from 1950s--'Rockin' Robin' is one of the pieces of music--to Ray Lynch's 'Celestial Soda Pop.' Some of it is not the typical music you would see in a performance. We try to use a variety of music just to keep it interesting."

There's one performance only, Friday night the 18th. Tickets are $10 for ages 3-9 & $15 for ages 10 and up, and are available at or by phone at 496-9527.  They'll also be available at the door.