Clinic helps people communicate

Sep 25, 2018

Lauren Jones
Not being able to communicate effectively or understand people can be so discouraging and frustrating. It leaves you out – in the dark. Lauren Jones, director of the Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic at Missouri State University, says parents usually become concerned around age 2 that their toddler isn’t talking as much as other children they know. Jones says that signs can be evident before that as well. The clarity or intelligibility of speech for a young child is another common concern, she noted. 

In addition to speech therapy, the Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic offers audiology services for people of all ages.

If hearing loss is detected, the audiologist works with the client to find the right amplification device for his or her lifestyle. This individualized approach is similar to how the team works with families in the Preschool for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. This approach – of meeting families’ individual needs – really differentiates the program. And Jones says it’s especially important for those who identify as being part of deaf culture. The clinic hosts groups that meet regularly to work on certain skills. They can also serve as support for those participating. If interested, or if you’d like to set up an appointment or evaluation, you can call 417-836-5275. No physician referral is required.