Branson Delivers Essential Items For Seniors, High-Risk Citizens

Mar 25, 2020



Branson’s Parks and Recreation Department will deliver essential items to city residents who are in the high-risk group for coronavirus.

Volunteers will buy essential items for residents who could be severely impacted by COVID-19 and drop them off at their doorsteps. The program is being offered by Branson Parks and Recreation and the City of Branson.

Jason Reinsch, assistant director of Parks and Recreation, says seniors 60 and over or people who are immunocompromised can call the department and ask for a delivery. Residents are asked to have a list ready when they call. They’ll pay over the phone with a credit card while the volunteer is checking out at the store. And they’re encouraged to ask for essential items only so as many people as possible can be helped.

The service runs Monday through Friday, from 8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Those interested in the delivery or have questions can call 417-335-2368.