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August Primary Filing Begins For Elected Offices Next Week

Scott Harvey
Greene County Courthouse/Credit: Scott Harvey

Greene County candidates running for public office in the August 2020 primary can begin filing their paperwork next Tuesday.

Some of the positions that are up for re-election include Greene County treasurer, public administrator and commissioners for districts one and two.

Shane Schoeller, the Greene County Clerk, said candidates should go to the historic courthouse next Tuesday with the required paperwork to get their name on the ballot. 

But he says candidates should first have candid conversations with their families and local political party members.

“You know, those are things we encourage people to, one, talk to your family and those around you first because there is a, if you’re sincere about it, there is a large time commitment that you have to allocate,” Schoeller said.

Candidates can find a checklist of the qualifications and required documents by going to The Greene County Clerk’s website and clicking on “Elections Central.”  You can find a link on our website: