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Springfield Citizens Voice Their Opinions on the Impeachment Inquiry

As the House of Representatives debates articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, we asked Springfield citizens their opinion on the issue.

Kevin Atkinson, 60

“I think this impeachment is a farce. It’s just that simple. There is absolutely no Constitutional basis for it, and is merely an attempt to override the will of the people electing our lawful President.”

Aidan McKenna, 18

“I think that Trump’s impeachment was really just a matter of time. Because, when you have a guy who’s been proven to have blackmailed the Ukrainians into spying on Joe Biden, and has been proven to be very corrupt, and sexist, and racist and homophobic, it’s only a matter of time before he’s impeached, or at least get into trouble for it. I gotta say, I’m happy to see him go, I’m not going to miss him as President.”

Heidi Sarvich, 43

“I feel that the impeachment is ridiculous. Trump is our President, and he has not done anything worse than any other President. We voted for him, and we just need to respect that. Elections are coming up, if you don’t like it, vote him out.”

Savana, 18

“I don’t think that they should’ve let a celebrity into office, and I’m upset that they waited so long to impeach him, but I’m glad that they’re finally doing it.”

Arles Dean Martin, 54

“I don’t agree with impeaching the President because I like the way he’s handled the economy. The stock market is as high as it’s ever been, and unemployment rates are as low as they’ve ever been.”

River, 20

“I think that impeachment is just drama, and it’s just stirring up stuff that just shouldn’t be stirred up.”

The House will decide today whether to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate. Once in the Senate, there will be a vote to determine if the President will be removed from office.

Josh Conaway is a graduate of Missouri State University with a B.A. in Political Science and an M.A. in International Affairs. He works as a news reporter and announcer at KSMU. His favorite part of the job is exploring the rich diversity of the Ozarks and meeting people with interesting stories to share. He has a passion for history and running.