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Additional Security Measures Added at Branson City Hall

City of Branson

The City of Branson is increasing security at City Hall.  Starting Tuesday, January 22, anyone attending Branson Board of Aldermen meetings or Board of Aldermen study sessions will have their bags, briefcases and purses searched for weapons.  Everyone will be required to go through a metal detector.

Branson spokeswoman, Melody Pettit, said there were no incidents or security concerns that prompted the changes.

"Every so often, city officials, in conjunction with the police, just take a look at our security measures that are currently in place and cross reference them with other city halls and other places and see what the standard is and make any modifications or any changes as necessary, and that's just what we do to keep people--the public, our employees and the Board of Aldermen and everybody--safe in City Hall," said Pettit.

A sign posted outside City Hall will state that all persons entering the facility have given their implied consent to be subjected to a search of their persons and belongings.