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Greene County Clerk Reminds Residents of Voter ID Law


Voters will head to the polls Tuesday for the August Primary Election.  Ahead of the election, Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller reminds the public of the voter identification requirements that were approved by Missouri voters in November 2016.

Those who wish to cast a ballot will be asked to present a valid Missouri or U.S. government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license, nondriver’s license, passport or military ID.

If you don’t have one of those, there’s still a way you can vote.  You must sign a statement affirming your identity and then show one of the following:

* a voter registration card

* an ID from a higher education institution in Missouri

* a current utility bill, bank statement, or a government paycheck, paycheck, or another government-issued document showing your name and address.  You may also show an expired driver’s license, nondriver’s license, passport, military ID or a driver’s license or state ID from another state.

According to Schoeller’s office, if voters are registered but fail to bring any form of identification and they are at their proper polling location, they may also cast a provisional ballot. 

Voter photo IDs are available free of charge for anyone who needs one in time for the November election.

For more official information on the new law, you can click here for the Secretary of State's official site.