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Missouri Auditor Investigates Alleged Campaign Violation by Greene County Commission

Scott Harvey
Greene County Courthouse/Credit: Scott Harvey

The Missouri State Auditor’s office is looking into allegations that public resources were misused in Greene County to advocate for the recently-passed ½-cent general revenue sales tax.

In a press release Wednesday, Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway said “her office recently received credible information through the Auditor’s Whistleblower Hotline to indicate public officials conducted inappropriate activities related to the ballot measure.”  The release states county employs “allegedly performed or were asked to perform duties related to the Invest in Greene County Political Action Committee advocating for the measure, including accepting PAC donations in county offices during work hours.”

The Greene County Commission sent out a statement saying it received a letter this morning from the auditor’s office alerting members to the information it had received from the whistleblower.  The statement says the commission “takes employee complaints seriously, and we intend to fully cooperate with the State Auditor’s Office on this matter.”

State law prohibits the contribution or expenditure of public funds to advocate, support or oppose any ballot measure or candidate for public office.

The Auditor said because of the persons involved in the allegations, there needs to be an independent audit to account for if and how public dollars were used in a political manner.