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Springfield's Mayor Shares Concerns with Governor's Transportation Task Force

Michele Skalicky

Springfield Mayor Ken McClure told a governor’s task force Wednesday that infrastructure is critical to economic development, quality of life and public safety.

The 21st Century Transportation System Task Force was in Springfield for a public hearing.

According to McClure, a healthy infrastructure is one of the most important elements to the future of Springfield.

He says the city supports “additional funding for the Missouri transportation system outside of a sales tax, which would impact the city and county’s ability to fund other critical local needs via sales tax.”

Things like fuel taxes and other “current and new sources of revenue,” according to McClure, are essential to funding the maintenance and improvements of the state’s transportation system.  And he says an increase in state funding through the current funding formula would help maintain local transportation systems.

According to McClure, the City of Springfield does not support the transferring of responsibility of roadways from the state to local governments.

The task force is expected to provide a report of its findings to the Missouri General Assembly by Jan. 1, 2018.