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0000017b-27e8-d2e5-a37b-7fffd9f70000On November 8, Missourians chose their next governor, determined races for U.S. congressional seats and several for the Missouri statehouse. In addition, voters decided among five proposed changes to the Missouri constitution.See the election results here, and view our coverage below on the local candidates and issues. Post election, we're continuing to add to our coverage with related content.

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Eric Greitens Campaigns in Springfield

Hao Zan

A rally in Springfield Thursday night for Republican Missouri Gubernatorial Candidate Eric Greitens drew a crowd of around 200 to the University Plaza Convention Center.

Among the supporters was 16-year-old Josh Blomquist.

"The reason that we support Greitens is because of what he's wanting to do with the schools and that he's pro life and that he's wanting to get rid of Common Core," he said.

Another was Scott Tune.

"I just think it's time for a change, and I think he's got all the right things in mind.  I think he's got a real good idea of what our country needs--our state anyway--needs to be in," he said.

And he said he likes that Greitens wants to impose term limits on all statewide offices.

Greitens was joined by former Navy Seal Rob O’Neill.  When asked if he would respond to questions from the local NPR station, O’Neill told the KSMU reporter he couldn’t talk to her because he is a supporter of FOX News.  He did, however, later come back to the reporter and give one statement—that he is “a strong supporter for local veterans.” 

O’Neill, who has been campaigning with Greitens, was deployed over a dozen times and fought in more than 400 combat missions in four different wars. He was part of the team that brought down Osama Bin Laden.

David Turner, spokesman for the campaign of Chris Koster, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, released a statement regarding Greitens’ rally in Springfield.

Turner said, “Eric Greitens continues with his strategies of clichéd and false attacks to divert attention from his campaign based on secrecy and lack of substance. He refuses to release his tax returns, hides his largest donor, and won’t level with the people of Missouri on how he’ll govern.”  Turner wonders what Greitens is hiding.