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Sales Tax Increase to be Decided by Aurora Voters Tomorrow


A ballot issue in Lawrence County tomorrow (8/4) would impose a half-cent sales tax for storm water controls and local parks in the city of Aurora.

The city currently has a property tax levy increase for parks that brings in around $99,000 annually, according to city manager, Mike Randall.  The city has had to supplement the park’s budget by about $150,000 each year out of the general fund.  He said the passage of the sales tax next week would eliminate  the property tax and hopefully would eliminate the need for money to come out the general fund for parks and storm control.

According to Randall, Aurora, like many other cities, has storm water problems.

"People normally don't think about stormwater problems until  you do have heavy rain, and presently the city hasn't been able to afford to budget improvements for stormwater control, and, hopefully if this passes,  there will be some money available to do that," he said.

Lawrence County recently paid off a bond issue for a new justice center, so the sales tax rate in Aurora dropped  from 7.73 percent to 7.35 percent.  If the tax increase is approved next week, the tax rate would increase to 7.85 percent.