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U.S. Senator Criticizes Large Political Donation in MO


Retired financier and billionaire, Rex Sinquefield, paid one million dollars to a political beginner, Beverly Randles, a leader in one of Sinquefeld's organizations, in order to help her decide if she wants to run as the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor. 

Senator Claire McCaskill said in a statement that she wants Missourians to ask themselves if they want a government “completely owned by one wealthy man.”

Todd Abrajano, a Sinquefield associate now serving as a spokesperson on Randles' exploratory committee said her comments are “the height of hypocracy.”

“She has continued over and over again to make large donations and so if Claire McCaskill wants to limit donations in the state of Missouri, she should start by eliminating her own," he said.

Kinder had more than $57,000 in his campaign account, according to his October quarterly financial report.