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OTC Cuts Dual Credit Costs In Half

James Mulvenon
Ozarks Technical Community College (Photo credit: James Mulvenon, KSMU)

Ozarks Technical Community College has announced they are greatly reducing their rates for local students wishing to take dual credit classes through OTC while still in high school. KSMU’s Shane Franklin has more on the decision.

On April 14th OTC’s Board of Trustees voted to reduce their tuition for dual credit classes from $75 to $35 per credit hour. By comparison, the cost for dual credit courses at MSU is $97 per credit hour and $70 at Drury.

Dr. Hal Higdon is the Chancellor at OTC. He says the college has been placing a strong emphasis on best practices in education, to try to make sure that students get into college, get in early, get finished, and get out on time or sooner. 

“And what the statistics show is that people who participate in dual enrollment are more likely to graduate with an associates and or bachelor’s degree. This is part of our outreach to get high school students to have more credit before they graduate,” said Higdon.

Higdon says OTC currently has 800 high school students on campus every day studying in career technical programs. He adds that this new effort is the same type of outreach geared toward non-technical program students in the Gen-Ed track.

The goal is for these students to graduate faster once they get into college.

OTC currently offers dual credit courses to over 200 students from 18 school districts throughout the Ozarks, in addition to the 800 high school students that go to the OTC campus.  Higdon expects this number to increase by at least 50% when the new pricing goes into effect this fall.

To learn more about OTC’s dual credit program, contact or call 417-447-8198.

For KSMU News, I’m Shane Franklin.