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Citizens Gather to Oppose 'Anti-Worker' Legislation

Adam Seehaver Credit:Melanie Foehrweiser

A small group of Springfield citizens gathered in front of the Chamber of Commerce Thursday to discuss what they call anti-worker legislation. KSMU’s Melanie Foehrweiser was there and has this report.

Adam Seehaver, the organizing director for Communications Workers of America local 6355, says the most important issue to his organization is Senate Bill 29, which Seehaver refers to as the “paycheck deception” bill. The bill would require state employees to authorize union deductions from their paychecks each year. Seehaver says this means union members would have to rejoin each year, and he doesn’t believe that government intervention is necessary.

“I’m very confident that our union members joined for the reasons…for very good reasons that they understand and it’s strange to me that there’s all this concern treating them as if they are unable to make up their own minds.”

Seehaver says if the bill is passed, his union would go from 1,300 members to zero, and he would have to start from scratch each year. The bill also requires authorization from members of some unions before dues can be used to make political contributions. Seehaver says that he and the others who gathered outside the Chamber of Commerce hope to stop the bill from being put into law.

“So we are looking primarily for there to be an effective filibuster of that not going through. This is not something that’s good for Missouri.”

Seehaver says he believes the Missouri government should spend more of its time focusing on job creation. The bill, sponsored by Senator Dan Brown from Rolla, passed the Senate March 14th along party lines 24-10 and has been sent to the House. The Springfield group Thursday wanted to get the attention of local senators Bob Dixon and Jay Wasson, who supported the bill. The Missouri legislature is currently on spring break and the two senators could not be reached for comment.

For KSMU News, I’m Melanie Foehrweiser.