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A Preview of the Missouri Primary Election Tuesday

Tuesday  is the Missouri primary election.  KSMU’s Theresa Bettmann spoke with the Greene County Clerk’s office to find out what kind of voter turnout is expected.

Tuesday’s primary election ballot includes candidates in the Senate race, the Right to Pray issue, as well as four Springfield City issues including three charter amendments, and a sales tax continuation.  Richard Struckhoff is the Greene County Clerk.

“I think this one is going to look a lot like the one we held two years ago in the primary of 2010.  Back then we had about a 22 and a half percent turnout.  So I’m thinking this one will be somewhere between 20 and 25, hopefully on the upper end of that,” Struckhoff says.

Struckhoff reminds voters what to expect at the polls when they arrive.

“All voters should realize this is a primary election.  So after they verify their address, they will be asked by the poll workers what party ballot they want. Some people aren’t used to that.  In Missouri we don’t keep track of party information; you don’t register by party.  But at every primary you must tell the judges what party ballot, and only one, that you’d like for this election.  And if they don’t want to participate in the primary they can, of course, take the issue only ballot,” Struckhoff says.

Struckhoff says some of the polling places have been moved or combined, and that voters affected by the changes should have received new voter ID cards indicating the new polling location.   There is a link to more information below.  For KSMU News, I’m Theresa Bettmann.

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