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What the Caucus in Greene County Meant in the Overall Process

Greene County held its Republican caucus Saturday and chose 111 delegates to attend the 7th Congressional district caucus in late April. This year, things were a little different than past caucuses. KSMU’s Samuel Crowe takes a look back at how this caucus turned out to be different from caucuses past.

In recent years, the results of a primary election in Missouri decided who would represent the political party at the national convention. But this year, Missouri decided to hold caucuses to choose its party delegates in an effort to avoid losing half of its Republican delegates at the National Convention. Richard Struckhoff, Greene County Clerk, said it made the caucus a little more chaotic.

“When you select delegates at the caucus after the primary, you select your delegate proportionally based on who won the primary in the state of Missouri. That’s how I think we did it four years ago and eight years ago. There’s not that much contention going on. This year, the party decided not to go by the results of the primary. So basically, it’s supposed to be whoever shows up at the caucus, you get to control things. But that obviously didn’t happen if two factions joined forces,” Struckhoff said.

Those two factions were Ron Paul and Mitt Romney supporters. This joining of forces left supporters of Rick Santorum upset after the caucus.

“It appeared to me that the Santorum people had a lot of people there. They had either the most or the second most people at the caucus, and when it was all said and done I think they only got six delegates out of the 111. And only because the Ron Paul people and Mitt Romney combined to join forces to vote on a slate. So yeah, I think they would be a little bit upset by that,” Struckhoff said.

Struckhoff said the reason caucus-goers had to select a slate of delegates rather than selecting individual delegates one by one was because the latter would have been way too time consuming.

The newly chosen delegates will head to Pierce City on April 21st for the 7th Congressional district caucus, where three delegates will be elected to go to the state caucus. The state caucus will be held June 1st through the 3rd in Springfield. For KSMU News, I’m Samuel Crowe.