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State Senator Nodler Resigns As Budget Panel Chairman to Focus On Congressional Campaign

State Senator Gary Nodler announced today that he will resign his position as chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee to focus on his congressional campaign effective November 30th. KSMU’s Katie Easley has this report.

Nodler has led the Senate budget-writing panel the past two legislative sessions and has served on it all seven years he has been in the Senate.

“No one in senate leadership has in anyway suggested or encouraged or urged me to make this decision. I have come to it entirely on my own as an evaluation of the situation and I am very grateful for the confidence the leadership has demonstrated for the last few years,” says Nodler.

Senator Nodler says he wants to avoid an appearance of a conflict of interest as he runs for a Southwest Missouri congressional seat in 2010. Nodler says he has been considering this decision for a while.

“I did communicate some while back to the pro tem that I was leaning in this direction and expected to make this decision in the near future so he has had time to consider his reaction to this, so it’s not like he’s just got this news this morning and has to begin thinking about it,” says Nodler,

Nodler is one of several Republicans hoping to replace Congressman Roy blunt, who is running for the US Senate in 2010.

For KSMU News, I’m Katie Easley