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McCaskill Says Obama Needs To Be Specific

Tonight President Obama will address that nation’s lawmakers and its people to give a highly-anticipated speech on the much debated topic of Health Care. One person who will be in the audience to hear the speech live is Missouri’s Senator Claire McCaskill. KSMU’s Theresa Carter reports.

The topic of changing America’s Health Care system is at the center of a much-heated debate. There are many opinions and many fears that haunt the topic while stirring many Americans’ emotions. Senator Claire McCaskill has traveled the state holding forums on health care. She says tonight, Missourians like other Americans, are going to want to hear specifics.

"Well, I think he's got to get a little specific about the problem. It's interesting that the polls all show that everyone, or almost everyone, acknowledges that some form of health care reform is necessary. But people begin to balk when they are no longer sure how this is really going to effect them. This is where the fear and mis-information come in."

Based on what she heard from constituents on her tour of the state, the Senator said people with pre-existing health conditions want to know if their medical needs will be covered under Obama’s plan.

McCaskill said that she believes it’s critical for Republicans and Democrats to come together on this issue, and for each side to stick to the mere facts of the proposed health care plan.

"I think he feels strongly that it's time for us to come together, and try to escape the partisan games. His speech tonight will go a long way toward clearing up the factual errors."

Coverage of the presidential address to Congress will air live this evening at 7:00pm here on KSMU.

For KSMU News, I’m Theresa Carter.