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Greene County Clerk Offers Voting Tips for November 4, 2008

While voters are getting energized about casting their ballots tomorrow, people working at the polling places are preparing for long lines and big crowds. KSMU's Alvin Chen has more.

Greene County Clerk Richard Struckhoff says a record turnout is expected—around 144,000 voters in Greene County alone. That’s seven percent more than in 2004.

In fact, over 12,000 absentee ballots have already been issued, as compared to under 8,000 in the last presidential election.

Speaking to reporters this morning, Struckhoff said there will also be more poll workers and volunteers on hand to help out.
"We've got, I think it's 544 poll workers this time. In addition we have at least one special deputy in every polling place. In addtion to them, we also have high school students who are participating the Youth Election Participant Program. I believe our last count was 110. " Struckhoff said.

Struckhoff reminds voters that they will need to bring an extra dose of patience tomorrow when they come to the polls. To make things go more quickly, he recommends that voters study their ballots and make voting decisions before heading out to the polling place.

He reminded voters that there is no campaigning, or so-called “Electioneering” within 25 feet of the polling booths. That means you can’t display campaign literature, clothing, or buttons supporting a particular candidate or issue. If you do show up wearing a shirt or button supporting a candidate, you will be asked to either remove it, or cover it up.

You can view your sample ballot, or find your polling place by going to our website,, and clicking on the link to Election 2008.

For KSMU News, I'm Alvin Chen.