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Claire McCaskill and Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius Rally Democrats in Springfield

Two leading ladies from Barack Obama's campaign were in Springfield Friday. Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill and Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius stopped by the MSU campus to rally supporters. KSMU's Benjamin Fry has our coverage. Less that two hours after Governor Palin's speech, Obama supporters gathered in Kentwood Hall on the MSU campus to hear from the senator from Missouri and governor of Kansas.Though the Republican VP nominee drew thousands, McCaskill said the Show-Me-State is looking for more substance than what Palin is offering."There is reality and there is rhetoric. And as my mom would say if she were here, 'in the Ozarks, we know the difference," McCaskill said.Together McCaskill and Sebelius classified their respective states as something not quite red nor blue. As the democratic governor of a state that is only 27 percent democrat, Sebelius says Barack Obama in the same way will step across the aisle to get things done.Pointing to her colleague's election in 2006, Sebelius says she's optimistic Missouri will come out for Obama."If we can produce the same kind of vote Claire gets out of here, Barack Obama will be able to carry Missouri," Sebelius said.23-year-old David Chiles was at the Obama event, but he also went to see Sarah Palin's speech.He says he was disappointed with the tone the Alaskan Governor took."She doesn't excude that kind of character that draws people in, and really the loudest applause that came at her rally was when she put the attack bid on, and it was really disappointing," Chiles said.Though Obama didn't choose a woman to be his running mate, Chiles says the fact that he's surrounded by the likes of McCaskill and Sebelius says a lot about the candidate's stance on female leadership.For KSMU news, I'm Benjamin Fry.