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Hulshof: Use "Rainy Day" Fund To Create 100,000 Jobs

Republican candidate for governor Kenny Hulshof toured the state Thursday unveiling his plan to create more jobs in Missouri. KSMU’s Jennifer Moore reports.

Hulshof is calling his job-creation proposal the Missouri Rebate Emergency –or MORE Jobs Act. The Congressman says it will be his first legislative priority if elected as Governor.
Here’s how it works: the act would provide a rebate to employers who create new jobs in 2009.
Hulshof’s program would provide tax rebates to businesses that create at least three new jobs is rural areas, or six jobs in urban areas.
Immediately upon hiring the new employees, the business would receive a rebate equal to six percent of those new payroll amounts. Hulshof says the rebate would be even higher in certain counties where unemployment is particularly high.
If the act were to pass through the state legislature, it would allow employers to receive the rebate almost immediately upon hiring the new workers.
Hulshof says he would pay for the job-creation program by taking $265 million dollars out of the state’s so-called “Rainy Day Fund,” a budget reserve fund.
If the complete $265 million dollars is used, Hulshof estimates it would result in a total of 100,000 new jobs for Missouri.
Missouri Democrats are criticizing the Republican’s plan. Democratic Party Spokesperson Zac Wright says Congressman Hulshof is actually part of the current economic problem.
Hulshof is running against Democrat Jay Nixon, Missouri’s current Attorney General.
For KSMU News, I’m Jennifer Moore.