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Biden Lays Out Platform Before Crowd In Springfield


At 11:30 Friday, under sunny skies, Senator Joseph Biden greeted an estimated three thousand supporters in downtown Springfield’s Jordan Valley Park.
KSMU’s Jennifer Moore was there and has details.
After thanking local Democratic leaders, during which he mistakenly called a Missouri senator “Claire” Norr instead of “Charlie” Norr in classic Biden style, he launched into his speech.

The first half hour of Biden’s speech focused on the opponent: Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin. Biden was especially critical of McCain’s recent plan to provide 300 billion dollars of government money to buy out bad mortgages. Biden said that would only reward big lenders for their predatory practices.

Eventually, the senator turned the discussion to what he and Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama would do, starting with home foreclosures.

He went on to talk about creating jobs in Missouri, providing tax relief to 95 percent of Americans, and then about the Obama-Biden plan for providing health insurance. He told the audience if they have a health insurance policy they are happy with, then under the Obama-Biden plan, they can keep that plan.

Biden promised that Obama would end the war in Iraq responsibly, and touched on college affordability. He drew a laughs from the crowd by taking a playful jab at his counterpart, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

The vice presidential candidate did stop the crowd when they began to “boo” Palin. Biden did not take questions from the crowd, but did go into the audience after the rally to shake hands on his way out of the park.

For KSMU News, I’m Jennifer Moore.