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Organizations Make Final Push to Register Voters On Registration Deadline

Citizens desiring to vote in the upcoming presidential election who have not yet registered have a limited time frame, as today marks the final registration day. KSMU’s Brett Moser spoke with organizations and the County Clerk about trends in voter registration for this election.

With today being the registration deadline, organizations all over Greene County made one final push to register voters today.The League of Women Voters is one such organization. The non-partisan voter group set up tables at three libraries in Springfield to help register voters.
President of the group, Lois Detrick, has been registering voters this election season. She says she’s seen a lot of new voters register, even some you might not expect.
"A couple of days ago at the Republic Library, one of the librarians was telling me that they had a woman who was 70 years old that had never voted before," Detrick says. "Her daughter goaded her into getting out there and registering and finally voting this time."Detrick adds that she’s seen many younger married couples register to vote for the first time.Greene County Clerk Richard Struckhoff says, as of yesterday, the clerk’s office has processed over 8,000 new registrations. With many waiting until today’s deadline to register, he expects that number will jump to somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000.Struckhoff states young people make up a significant portion of new voters.
Struckhoff says, "I talk about the 8,000 new registered voters. When you run a query on that number, you find out about 45-50 percent of those new registrants are between the ages of 18 and 24."Struckhoff adds that there is some confusion as to the exact registration deadline time.Though the county clerk’s office closed at 5:00 today, Missouri Law states that all registration activity must end at 10:00 on the deadline day. Struckhoff says those places registering voters like libraries will continue to register people for the next few hours.
Struckhoff states that voters who have not updated voting information based on a change of address still have time. A voting address can be changed even on election day, though Struckhoff adds, it’s not recommended.
For KSMU, I’m Brett Moser.