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Obama RV Rolls Into Springfield to Discuss Health Care


Two Missouri women who come from families entrenched in politics have spent the past two days traveling the Show-Me state stumping for the presidential candidate of their choice. KSMU’s Jennifer Moore reports.

The blue RV, decorated with Barack Obama campaign graphics, rolled into Springfield around 2:45 Wednesday and parked in front of the Library Center on South Campbell. When the door opened, out walked former Senator Jean Carnahan, followed by Betty Ann McCaskill, Senator Claire McCaskill’s mother.

Inside one of the library’s meeting rooms, the two spoke to a group of mostly women, focusing on Barack Obama’s plan for providing health care to Missourians.

Betty Ann McCaskill said Obama’s plan focuses on making health care accessible.

The Democratic candidate and his rival, Republican Senator John McCain, sparred Tuesday night over the issue of health care. Obama said he viewed health care as a right; McCain said it is a responsibility.

Missouri’s Republican Party spokesperson, Tina Hervey, says Obama’s plan is extreme. She said it will bring punitive measures to small businesses who cannot afford to insure their employees.

But McCaskill contends that while Obama’s plan will support a larger governmental role in providing health care, he is not going to take away someone’s choice to continue with their current insurance providers.

Both Carnahan and McCaskill have been campaigning on behalf of the Obama campaign for several months.

For KSMU News, I’m Jennifer Moore.