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One-on-One with the Libertarian Party Candidate for Governor

You’ve heard of Kenny Hulshof, and you’re familiar with Jay Nixon. But the name Andrew Finkenstadt might not ring a bell. Nonetheless, his name will on the ballot this November in the election for the state’s highest office. KSMU’s Erika Brame spoke with the Libertarian Party candidate for governor and files this report.
Andrew Finkenstadt was born in Lafayette, Illinois in 1966. An engineer for the Simutronics Corporation, Finkenstadt has followed the Libertarian party since he watched the 1996 presidential debates at the age of 30. “Immediately following them, CNN ran the third party presidential debates and one of those people was Harry Brown. He was the Libertarian party candidate for that year. And what he was saying inspired me such that I went in support of the Libertarian party. And I said, 'You know, this is really what I am.'” He says his policy as governor will mirror his party’s ideas: less government, resulting in more control by the people. Finkenstadt says a big issue for the governor’s office is the budget. “If I were to become governor, the governor’s responsible for the budget. And that budget would be slashed as much as I could afford. And then I would submit it to the legislature and then I would tell them, ‘And if you increase the budget by so much as a dime I will veto it,'” he says.He also says if he becomes governor, he will maintain an open office.“So every electronic document that is created, assuming that it’s not dealing with personal matters, would be published on the internet the same night it was created," he says.Finkenstadt says if he were governor, arguments like that between Attorney General Jay Nixon and Governor Matt Blunt’s administration would never have had a chance. “We wouldn’t have this argument this silly argument between Jay Nixon and the Blunt administration, about there were some e-mails you weren’t supposed to delete but we aren’t quite sure what they are so we are going to go hunt for them. And then they’re going to charge each other. That’s a stupid law suit,” he says. Finkenstadt was invited to join the gubernatorial debates on September 11th. He received the “Best Line” award for his response to the question, “Do you support limits on campaign contributions?” “I quirked up with, ‘Would that I should reach the campaign limit.’ At which point it took people just a few seconds to realize what I had said and everyone burst out laughing,” he says.Finkenstadt has never run for office before. He says running for governor will give him the power to create real change. “They set the budget; they have the power of the executive. A Libertarian governor actually has a chance at making effect change. Were I to run for state representative or senator or even a local race I would be one voice amongst many,” he says. For KSMU News, I’m Erika Brame.