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Meet the Constitution Party Candidate for Governor

Election Day is closing in, and Americans are doing all they can to learn more about the candidates. This year, Missouri voters will see numerous names on the ballot for governor, including the Constitution Party’s candidate: Dr. Gregory Thompson. KSMU’s Erika Brame spoke with him about his platform and files this report.

Dr. Gregory Thompson became an ordained minister in 2005. Prior to his ministry, Thompson was the superintendent of the Humansville School District.
He was fired from his job in 2004 for refusing to take down his display of the Ten Commandments and other Christian symbols in his office, and for praying at school events.He is now running for Missouri’s highest office: that of governor. Thompson says the Constitution Party has come a long way and that it will continue to grow.“It’s a joy being with those people and a growing number of people that are starting to wake up and see and say 'enough is enough.' We’ve had such corruption and immorality in the two party system for several decades now, and people are ready to just get it stopped and turned around,” he says.Thompson says it’s been a bit of a struggle to get his name on the Missouri ticket. “Did it have issues? Yes, I think it did. It took us about thirteen weeks to get through the process that would’ve taken the two major parties three or four weeks at most,” he says.Now with his name on the ballot for November, Thompson says the first thing he would do as governor is to restore moral values throughout the state. “Put God, country, and family back into Missouri and we could be a shining light to the rest of the nation. And next, tell the federal government to get out of the state of Missouri and intruding into the lives of the people,” he says.A big issue for Thompson is Missouri’s education system.He says federal programs like “No Child Left Behind” need to be left out of Missouri.“That’s, for sure, got to go. Get it out of the state of Missouri. Start educating our children again. Give the choice back to the parents and the control back to the parents,” he says.Thompson says his biggest efforts right now are focused on educating voters on what’s at stake in this year's election.“Going out and speaking to the people and getting them and educating them on what has been happening, what agendas there are, who’s been behind them and what we can do to turn things around,” he says.He says if he becomes governor, he will not let politics affect his decisions. “I will serve the people. I will not compromise on principle. It won’t be about politics,” he says.For KSMU News I’m Erika Brame.