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Seniors Weigh In On Vice Presidential Candidates

One demographic watching the vice presidential debate very closely will be the nation's senior citizens. KSMU's Jennifer Moore visited a local senior center to speak to voters about their opinions of the candidates.

Earlier today I spoke to several seniors at the South Side Senior Center on Freemont Avenue about their expectations for tonight’s highly-anticipated debate.
Randall Haroldson is in his 70s. He took a break from his lunch to tell me he’ll be watching the debate, and he’ll be cheering for Sarah Palin. He says Palin’s speech at the Republican National Convention—and her good looks—grabbed his attention.
But that speech was scripted, and tonight’s will be off-the-cuff. Haroldson says even if Palin isn’t eloquent tonight, that doesn’t mean she’s not prepared to take office.
In another room of the senior center, 88-year-old Charles Glass had just finished shooting pool with some friends when he told me he was also planning on watching the debate. He believes Sarah Palin is not cut out for the job.
Glass says he’s expecting a smoother performance from Democrat Joe Biden.
You can hear tonight’s Vice Presidential debate live here on KSMU, beginning at 8:00.
For KMSU News, I'm Jennifer Moore