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Republican Delegate from Missouri Anticipates Final Night of Convention

The Republican National Convention will culminate with a speech tonight by Senator and Presidential Candidate John McCain. Wednesday night, delegates heard from Vice Presidential candidate Alaska Governor Sarah Palin KSMU's Missy Shelton spoke with a convention delegate from Southwest Missouri and files this report.

Darrell Proctor of Willard says he's looking forward to hearing from Senator John McCain tonight. He says he expects the speech to solidify the McCain-Palin ticket.

Proctor gave Palin high marks for her speech last night. He says he had very good seats for her speech...The Missouri delegates have seats close to all the action.

Proctor says the week hasn't been entirely about politics. He and others in the Missouri delegation worked on care packages Wednesday for those effected by Hurricane Gustav.

Proctor says it's been a memorable week...He says he especially enjoyed speeches from Former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani and John McCain's mother, both of whom spoke to the Missouri delegation.