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Local Voters React to McCain's VP Pick

As news spread that Republican Senator John McCain had picked Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for his running mate, KSMU's Missy Shelton surveyed people around Springfield to find out what they thought of McCain's choice.

At the Park Central Branch Library in Springfield, there was a mix of reactions to the announcement that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will the Senator John McCain's running mate. Mary Carol Bower is a freelance writer.

Ian VanHover is an economics student at Drury. He describes himself as a moderate Republican but hasn't decided who he'll support in the presidential election. He says McCain's choice doesn't do a lot to help him make up his mind.

That was a common refrain among voters, many of whom say they'll reserve passing judgment until they learn more about Palin.

Cameron Mathews who works as a legal assistant says McCain may have gone in the wrong direction by choosing Palin.

If John McCain had hoped to sway Hillary Clinton supporters with his pick for vice president, his announcement didn't have the intended effect on some Hillary fans in Springfield. We caught up with Sarah Gooch as she walking along South Avenue...She applauds McCain's choice but she says it doesn't influence her vote.

Over at Anton's Coffee Shop, Jean Miles was having breakfast with her daughter. Miles is a business owner and had just heard about McCain's pick before she arrived at the coffee shop.

Miles says she hasn't made her mind who will get her vote in November.

Sharon Fleck is also a business owner. She says she's a Republican and is pleased McCain chose a woman. Fleck says she thinks Palin has strong conservative credentials too.

Several of Missouri's Republican statewide elected officials issued statements in support of Palin's candidacy for vice president.