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Sen. McCaskill Speaks on Her Role in Obama Campaign

Now that a winner has emerged from the marathon Democratic primary season, all attention has turned to whom Senator Barack Obama will choose as his running mate. KSMU's Jennifer Moore interviewed Senator Claire McCaskill on her role in the campaign and whether she would accept the position, if offered.

Senator Claire McCaskill was one of Barack Obama's earliest supporters in Washington.

Now, as Obama searches for the perfect running mate, McCaskill's name has been among those thrown out as a potential vice presidential nominee.

In a phone interview with KSMU Monday morning, McCaskill did not rule out the possibility of accepting the VP spot on the Democratic ticket, if offered.

"Honestly, it's very, very speculative to even talk about that. I think I'll just leave it that I'm honored to be mentioned and that I trust his judgment to make the right choice," McCaskill said.

McCaskill did say if she were offered a position on Obama's cabinet, she would likely turn it down in favor of continuing to serve as a senator for Missouri.

For KSMU News, I'm Jennifer Moore in Springfield.