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Candidates for Governor Announce Totals Raised So Far This Year

The three big contenders in the Governor's race have announced their fundraising totals so far this year. KSMU's Jennifer Moore reports.

Democratic Attorney General Jay Nixon says he raised nearly 1.5 million dollars for his gubernatorial campaign in the past three months. Nixon campaign spokesman Oren Shur says that is more than any candidate for Missouri governor has ever raised in the first quarter of an election year.

"We've held more than 85 grassroots fundraisers. That's regular folks and communities hosting low-dollar fundraisers for us. The majority of our contributions this quarter were 100 dollars or less, and a lot of those came through the internet. So there really is a lot of energy to change the direction of the state," Shur said.

Candidates released their finance figures in advance of today's (April 15th) 5 pm. deadline to file reports with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Republican Congressman Kenny Hulshof's campaign says he has raised over 900,000 dollars since announcing his candidacy on January 29.

Republican Treasurer Sarah Steelman said Monday, April 14 that she has more than 1.4 million dollars on hand for her gubernatorial bid. That includes a 500,000 dollar personal loan.