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Democratic Presidential Candidate John Edwards Rallies Supporters in Springfield

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards was in Springfield Monday night where more than 800 people turned out for a rally in anticipation of the February 5th primary. KSMU's Missy Shelton was at the rally and files this report.

The Teamsters Hall was packed and overflowing with people as former Missouri Lieutenant Governor Joe Maxwell spoke from the center of the room.

During his remarks, Democratic presidential candidate and former senator John Edwards tried to draw a distinction between himself and the other two democratic presidential candidates: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Edwards also spoke to the Springfield audience about the importance of preserving Americans jobs, ending the war in Iraq and providing universal healthcare.

After the rally, Edwards spoke with reporters...he talked about the importance of Missouri to his campaign.

Missourians have a wide field of candidates from which to choose on February 5th. There are on the ballot 12 Republicans, 9 Democrats and 6 Libertarian candidates. Edwards is the only candidate among the group to visit Southwest Missouri this year.