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Governor Announces Illegal Immigration Proposals

Four proposals designed to combat illegal immigration have the support of Governor Matt Blunt. He was in Springfield this morning to make the announcement. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

Governor Matt Blunt says he wants to hold criminally responsible anyone who transports illegal immigrants in Missouri when those illegal immigrants are in the country to work, traffick drugs, or engage in prostitution. Blunt declined to say what the penalty ought to be.

Blunt also says he supports allowing the state to withhold 25 percent of the money owed to contractors using illegal workers.

To prevent illegal workers from getting hired in the first place, Blunt proposes requiring public employers to use a federal worker verification system when they hire someone.

Blunt also proposes banning cities and counties from adopting policies that make them a safe haven for illegal immigrants.

Critics of Blunt's plan say his proposals are unnecessary because there are already laws in place to deal with these issues.

Democratic Representative Mike Talboy.

Talboy says the governor is using the issue of illegal immigration to gain political points.

All of Blunt's proposals require legislative approval.